The Band – Music From Big Pink Vinyl

The Band   Music From Big Pink VinylBehold the glory of The Band Music from Big Pink vinyl record.  The Band always received critical acclaim, but never really reached superstardom.  Their musicianship was praised by fellow rock artists, Eric Clapton himself actually wanted to join The Band.

Music from Big Pink was originally released in 1968, this vinyl reissue came out in 2009, under the same label, Capitol Records. It really is a piece of rock history.

This album was recorded in a house dubbed ‘Big Pink’ in which Bob Dylan shared with the Band.  Guitarist Robbie Robertson wrote most of the songs on Big Pink, including ‘The Weight’ which became an anthem of the sixties, and was featured prominently in the film Easy Rider, and covered by many artists over the years.

The Weight Live – Woodstock

The Band   Music From Big Pink VinylMusic From Big Pink also features two songs written by Dylan , ‘Tears of Rage’ which is sung with utter beauty by Richard Manuel, and ‘Wheel on Fire’ co-written with bassist Rick Danko. There is pure emotion in every tune, ‘Long Black Veil’, a traditional folk song, gets a brilliant reworking here, with Danko and Levon Helm exchanging fantastic vocals. ‘Chest Fever’ is another masterpiece, which became a live staple of The Band.

The Band Music from Big Pink vinyl reissue is pressed on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl, part of the Capitol Vaults series. For my review, obviously I love the music, and encountered no issues playing the record. It comes packaged in a gatefold cover, with lyrics printed inside.

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