Rolling Stones Let it Bleed

Rolling Stones Let it BleedHere is the classic Rolling Stones Let it Bleed vinyl record. The original release of this great album was in 1969, but ATCO has started to reissue some early Rolling Stones LP’s. This reissue of Let it Bleed is pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl, so it’s kind of cool to watch it spin on your turntable.

Let it Bleed  kicks off with the ominous ‘Gimme Shelter’ which would become an anthem symbolizing the end of innocence of the 60’s as the tragedy at Altamont would occur soon after. Also included on Let it Bleed are the bluesy chords of ‘Midnight Rambler’, Keith Richard’s seering guitar on ‘Monkey Man’ , and ‘You Can’t Always Get What you Want’ which has a full blown choir joining in, and some nice piano work making it a unique Stones favorite.

Rolling Stones Let it BleedLet it Bleed is the second of the Stones’ run of four studio records that are generally considered the band’s best work, the other albums being Beggar’s Banquet, Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main Street.

Now onto my review of the Let it Bleed vinyl reissue. As mentioned, it is pressed on clear vinyl. The sound quality is decent, I supposed they squeezed all they could from the original master tapes. The pressing is quiet, no real noticeable surface noise. I would say it is a must for Stone’s fans who wore out their original Let it Bleed records, and want a nice update.

Buy the Rolling Stones Let it Bleed Vinyl HereRolling Stones Let it Bleed

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