Pearl Jam Ten Vinyl Review

Pearl Jam Ten Vinyl ReviewThis is my Pearl Jam Ten vinyl review of the 2011 reissue.  So, one day in 1991, when MTV stilled played videos, I came across a video of the song  “Alive”  by a new band called Pearl Jam, I was blown away. Who were these dudes? It was like something I have never heard before.

The vocals were amazing, it did not matter if I knew exactly what the song meant, I just could not get enough. Then my jaw dropped at the monumental guitar solo that ended the song. Of course,  I had to run out and buy the CD right away.

Pearl Jam Ten Vinyl ReviewMy friends and I played it over and over again, not a bad song on this record, from start to finish. I was captivated by the music and Eddie Vedder’s beautiful , anguished, tortured vocals. When I got back into vinyl, this was one record I needed to get.

This vinyl reissue of Pearl Jam Ten is awesome. It is a deluxe 2 LP set, gatefold package, one record is the original Ten recording, and LP 2 is called ‘Ten Redux’ a special mix by original producer Brendan O’Brian.   Sound quality on Ten is excellent. Having heard the original album many times, I first played the second vinyl ‘Redux’ curious to hear the difference.

‘Redux’  is like hearing Pearl Jam in a more intimate setting, like listening to them in a small club. To my ears, O’Brian raised up Eddie’s vocals a bit, and lowered some of the musical noise. This is particularly evident in the beautiful ballad ‘Black’ (one of my all time favorite songs).

I highly recommend this 2 LP set, and the price is a bargain. Buy the Pearl Jam Ten Vinyl Reissue HerePearl Jam Ten Vinyl Review

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