Metallica Kill Em All Vinyl

Metallica Kill Em All VinylThis is the Metallica Kill Em All vinyl reissue by Mobile Fidelity. Pressed on 2 LP’s at 45 RPM speed. I love records pressed at 45, they sound awesome.

You will notice the cover has a wrap around sash that says ‘Louder, Faster, Heavier’ .. They were not kidding.  Crank this up as loud as you can! I immediately noticed the sound quality on the opening seconds of ‘Hit the Lights’. Starting with the menacing guitar riff, and a drum fill from Lars, which makes you feel like you are in a garage with Metallica playing just for you.

This was Metallica’s debut album and some think it is their best. The record came out right after the departure of Dave Mustaine , and he has songwriting credits on some of the tunes. Seek and Destroy, Four Horseman and Metal Militia are my favorites. However the whole album rocks!

As stated the sound quality on Metallica Kill Em All vinyl reissue is superior to any record I have listened to. Packaging is nice, gatefold cover with lyrics, and 2 LP’s pressed on heavyweight vinyl. I can not recommend this enough.

Buy Kill ‘Em All [Vinyl] hereMetallica Kill Em All Vinyl


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