Bruce Springsteen Vinyl Records

Bruce Springsteen Vinyl Records

Bruce Springsteen Vinyl RecordsToday I am taking somewhat of a personal approach, and talking about my two favorite Bruce Springsteen vinyl records. I love Bruce Springsteen, he is an artist with whom I truly connect with. When I was in high school, my friends would often make fun of me about the Boss, when they were listening to the likes of Judas Priest , Iron Maiden , or other various metal bands. Make no mistake I like metal too, but Springsteen was always really special to me. I wanted to be Springsteen.

I was first turned onto Bruce and the E Street Band with Born in the USA, then dug deeper into his back catalog. Seeing him live at The Meadowlands in New Jersey (1984) really cemented my love for Bruce, as I always heard about his fabled 3 hour plus concerts. I was finally witness to one of these marathons of rock and roll ecstasy. Here are two of my favorite Bruce Springsteen vinyl records.

Bruce Springsteen Vinyl RecordsThis is Darkness on the Edge of Town vinyl record 1978. Darkness was Bruce Spingsteen’s follow up to his first major commercial success, Born to Run in 1975. Darkness is a raw, dark album, yet it makes me feel good to listen to it.

The whole album seems to revolve around disillusionment and loss of the American dream. Badlands kicks off the album and so begins around 40 minutes of your journey with Bruce into the American wasteland. Every song is great, my personal favorites are  Streets of Fire and Candy’s Room.

The title track Darkness on the Edge of Town is to me about a man who has lost everything, and is content being alone with nothing more to lose.

Badlands Live 1978

Bruce Springsteen Vinyl RecordsAnother favorite Bruce Springsteen vinyl record of mine is The River (1980). The River is a double LP set, with packaging as you see on the left. Bruce and the E Street Band released The River as a follow up to Darkness. It is a more uplifting album, but it does have it’s share of sadness. Record 1 flat out rocks.

The Ties that Bind kicks it off on side one, and the rest of LP one really keeps rocking. Sherry Darling is a playful tune, in which Bruce laments about his girlfriends mom, which I can relate to, with my mother in law. So many good songs including Hungry Heart, Crush On You, Two Hearts and the live staple Out in the Streets.  LP one ends with the title track , about having a baby at a young age, and having to grow up really fast. Yea, I have some friends who went through that, and I can relate.

LP 2 is a little more somber with Point Blank , Fade Away, Stolen Car and Wreck on the Highway. There are some rocking songs also like Ramrod and the awesome Cadillac Ranch.

The River Live

None of Bruce Springsteen’s older albums have been reissued on vinyl, so if you want these masterpieces you will have to track them down. You can check here for some Bruce Springsteen Vinyl RecordsBruce Springsteen Vinyl Records

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